Please note: The following services are available only to organizations and agencies that are nonpartisan or that work to promote progressive causes.

Internal Communications

Policies, procedures, and position descriptions

Climate surveys, staff retreats, board and leadership development

Strategic plans, agency values, and staff communications

Public Relations

Speeches, press conferences, and media interview prep

Crisis communication planning and execution

Letters to the editor, op-eds, and press releases

Conferences & Events

Conference programs, booklets, and materials

Workshop and seminar materials and presentations

Event themes, branding, and promotion

Marketing & External Communications

Logos, branding, mission, vision, values, and marketing plans

Newsletters, annual reports, brochures, and other print materials

Websites, e-newsletters, and social media content

Public Policy Advocacy

Legislative testimony and public policy position statements

Public policy advocacy campaign planning and materials

Planning townhalls, roundtables, and focus groups on public policy